Himnari APP

Display awesome songs and bible verses

We are so glad to introduce you Himnari. A free app to project songs and bible verses in your church through a secondary display. This app is available for Mac and Windows.


You can costume the way you want to show the songs for your church or event.


Add as many songs as you want to display them in the secondary display.


We have the whole library of the Bible, use it, don't stop to spread the word of God.


All the things this app can do


Add, edit and delete any song you want. You can separate them by paragraphs and assign them the kind of verse it is.

Bible verses

We have two libraries, the KJV and the RVR. Feel free to display any verse or verses you want in front of the church.


You can organize what you will show on the screen. Order the songs and verses you will show to not lose track of it.

Black screen

If you don’t want to show anything temporary, we give you the option to black out the secondary display in order to protect the content.


Another option you have besides the black screen it is the logo. Show the logo of your church or organization.


Add or delete any background you want, feel free to put any background you like when you project a song or bible verse.

Image display

One of the key features is the option to project an image, making sure that it is fitting perfectly on the screen.


Before you will show what it is on the screen, you will be able to preview the content in your screen to make sure everything is ok.


This is the best feature of the whole app. The app is completely free FOREVER. Enjoy it and no worries about payments!


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